Functions of Management

Functions of Management
Leadership 501 states the definition of management is “the process of getting activities completed efficiently with and through other people; 2. The process of setting and achieving goals through the execution of five basic management functions: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling; that utilize human, financial, and material resources” (Shead, 2010). This definition looks at people managing their units as well as a plan to execute an objective with the most efficiency as possible.
Bateman and Snell communicate that the four functions of management that are applied in today’s world are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (2009). Whether an individual is running an organization or a household, management skills requires one to adapt to society’s ever-changing situations.
This paper outlines the definition of each principle that today businesses are utilizing. In addition, the paper outlines how each particular function relates to my organization, which is managing my life.
Planning is identifying the goals to be accomplished and making a decision to move forward the suitable actions needed to achieve those goals (Bateman and Snell, 2009). Examples of planning may include examining current situation, predicting the future, establishing goals, choose what types of activities one will engage, and selecting the resources needed to achieve the said goals (Bateman and Snell, 2009).
When I lost my job due to the economy, I had to analyze what my next step was going to be. This included identifying what my goals are and making a decision to put action towards those goals. The first goal that I identified was to return to school. I looked at many universities at what they offered and compared costs. My final decision was University of Phoenix.
Furthermore, I implement the planning stage with my family. For example, in raising one son, I had to plan his education, sports, activities, etc, with my...