Functions of Management

Functions of Management
American InterContinental University
October 30, 2010

This paper will explain the four basic functions of management; Controlling, Leading, Organizing and Planning. It will discuss the manufacturing option decision. There will be some pros and cons about the manufacturing decision. The paper will also discuss the impact the manufacturing decision it might have on the functions of management.

Functions of Management
There are four basic functions of management; Controlling, Leading, Organizing, and Planning.
As a manager control is important. It is their job to establish standards. They need to compare performance against their business and take corrective action, if needed. It is also the duty of the manager to pay attention to cost versus performance of the business.
As a manager, you should motivate and guide the employees to meet the goals of the company. Employees usually follow the managers because they are the person in charge. Managers who have effective leader skills should discover what it takes to motivate and inspire their employees to reach the company’s objectives.
It is the responsibilities of the manager to keep the company organized. This also includes the organizing of the employees and resources. The purpose of organizing is to arrange elements in an order of structure.
Planning is to set goals for the employees to improve the business. These plans/goals are usually stated in the mission statement for the company. The process of planning identifies the goals to be achieved; strategies are formulated to be achieved. Plans are arranged to meet the required means.
The manufacturing option decision that may be best for the inventor with no fund would be assembly only. The reason for this decision is because the inventor knows what they want and how it should be done to his expectations. With assembly only the inventor can assemble the final product the way...