Function of Management

Management Planning of Tyco
Myra Stilwell
MGT/330 - Management: Theory, Practice and Application
September 1, 2012
Peter Espeut

Tyco International is a diversified company that provides security products and services, fire protection and detection products, valves and controls, and other industrial products worldwide.   Its headquarters is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and employs approximately 102,000 people that are based in countries such as America, Europe, Africa and ,the Middle East.   As of September 2011 Tyco recorded revenues of $17.3 million, which was an increase of 2% over Fiscal Year 2010.   Tyco's operating profit for the fiscal year of 2011 was $2.1 million.   This was an increase of 32.6% over the Fiscal Year of 2010, and finally Tyco had a net profit of $1.7 million in the Fiscal Year of 2011 and this was an increase of 53.1% over Fiscal Year 2010. (Tyco International Ltd. SWOT Analysis) Tyco's management is a big part of their increase in profits and also affects their employees and the countries they are working out of.   Tyco has internal and external influences, such as the environment which is also a legal issue for Tyco. The strategic, tactical, operational and contingency plans can help control and manage both internal and external issues.
Governance will allow Tyco to manage internal issues.   A large internal issues would be employees.   Governance helps Tyco use practices that involve the employees.   These practices would include policies, job descriptions and understanding between the company and the employee so that each of them knows what is expected of the other. Since Tyco is a worldwide corporation they use Horizontal Structure.   This Structure would give them the capability to govern all of the individual divisions under the same concepts, goals and plans.   Once both company and employee understand their roles they will be able to implement plans and goals that are set to meet the needs of the customers. Tyco understands...