Full Setence Outline

Full Sentence Outline

    I.     Although CPS follows their guidelines, they can do more to protect the children because too many cases slip through the cracks and many children are still abused after a CPS investigation has been completed.
    II.     It has been reported that CPS workers take on to many cases at one time.
a.     In 2009, CPS workers in Huston had 30 to 40 open cases at one time. (Wallace. 2009. Para 7)
b.     In Texas, almost half of the children killed by abuse were from families that had been investigated by Texas Child Protective Services. In the past five years this statistic has had no improvement. (Wallace. 2009. Para 10)
  III.     Reports show CPS workers not only fail to meet the required deadline to investigate a claim, some close a case without adequate investigation.
a.     In the case of Justice and Raiden Robinson, the CPS worker, Munn, closed an investigation that was brought on by three complaints in a week where the mother was in an accident due to intoxication. This worker never attempted to retrieve crash, hospital or pediatrician records.(Martin. 2005. Para 20)
b.     Three months after the Robinson case was closed without investigation another report came in and was labeled high-risk, requiring a face to face visit within 10 days. Munn waited 23 days to have her face to face visit. (Martin. 2005. Para 22)
IV.     In many cases supervisors do not make themselves aware of what is happening within an investigation.
a.     In the case of the Robinson brothers, Munn’s supervisor reviewed Munn’s work in May 2004 and found nothing to be amiss. (Martin.2005.Para 2) This review was three months after the last case was opened and six months before the boys were found dead. Note: cases are supposed to be completed within 90 days, this case was open for nine months.
                                        b.     In the case of four year old Jahmaurae Allen’s beating death, the...