Full Sentence Outline

Full- Sentence Outline

Thesis Statement: “Although war can be beneficial, the effect war has on the soldiers can be crucial, the outcome of war often brings tragedy to our doorsteps!”
Main Point 1 and Examples
  1. To describe how our country, and the citizens benefit from war.
  2.   War benefits the U.S. by offering an easy environment to create jobs in.
When at war new allies can be born, this helps our country in the present, as well as the future to come.
Main Point 2 and Examples
  1. Being at war has a major effect on its soldiers serving.
  2. One major effect from war experiences is the sign effect called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Soldier may be affected with their family life and have a hard time readapting back to normal living.
Main Point 3 and Examples
  1. At times of war a time of tragedy may occur.
  2. Due to the intense fighting in a war, the causalities can be great.
  3. A major effect of war is families lose the ones they love.

From the points giving I have chose them to relate to my thesis and as well serve to my argument.   The main points I want to be heard is how war can offer great things to our country and its citizens, but can as well come with major effects.   I want my tone to heard as someone who supports war, but I want to display the effects war has on the soldiers and the soldiers families.

Questions: What method of organization did you use for your essay?   Which main subpoint do you feel is the strongest?   Which subpoint do you feel needs more work or research?   How did you address counterarguments?   How will you turn this sentence outline into a rough draft of your essay?
Answers:   I believe to have organized my essay in logical way.   I kept things pretty basic and made it easy for the viewers to follow the reading with example and even with some statistics.   My strongest subpoint would have to be about the effect war has on the soldiers and their families.   The part I could use more supportive...