Full Body Massage Case Study

Unit BT17 Case Study
Body Massage

Task 1
When my client is coming in for her treatments I will ensure that the salon is of a correct working environment. I will make sure the room is the right temperature with good ventilation as this will allow the client to be fully relaxed and comfortable a blanket will also be applied to help my client feel Warm and secure. The lighting will be low and soft music will be playing in the background. This will set a good mood for relaxation and professionalism.
I will place a pillow under her tummy and bolsters under her ankles this will help to support and help my client relax I will also provide a folded towel for her to rest her face on.

Task 2
My client is a mature beauty therapist who is a full time student, she has a busy lifestyle looking after two children a husband and keeping a house together, my client is healthy she walks daily, eats a balanced diet and drinks plenty of water. My client doesn’t sleep well it is disturbed and irregular. My client finds it hard to relax and take time out for herself, her main hobby is dog walking she does this on a daily basis. I will strongly advise my client to take time out for herself to rest and relax this may help her to sleep better.

Treatment 1
I have found that my client is very tense and knotted around the shoulder area; her right shoulder is slightly raised in comparison with her left shoulder this could be due to my client breaking her arm and having to use her right arm to do most jobs. She also holds her tension down the right side of her spine. We decided to use audio sound around her shoulder area with a gel to help break down tension. I think due to my findings I will advise my client to have weekly treatments to help get best results. I also advise her to use a hot compress over her shoulder area at night before bed to help her tension and help her relax before bed.

Treatment 2
As soon as my client arrived for her second treatment I asked how she felt...