Fuel Market Review

Fuel Market Review 2009
The annual regional report on the UK by network specialist arthur Renshaw, UK and Ireland manager from Experian Catalist Limited
Last updated: 29 May, 2009
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Once again Catalist is pleased to be able to provide Forecourt Trader with the UK summary for its Fuel Market Review 2009. The data shown in the following tables is from Catalist's latest release of its UK database in May for the first quarter of 2009.
== Summary ==
Looking back to last year's review, the dominant issue was the rapidly increasing price of fuel at the time. The chart below shows that the dramatic increases that occurred from the end of 2007 - and which peaked in mid July 2008 - had been unprecedented, and with it the wide difference between the prices of petrol and diesel at the pump (mid July 2008 - petrol £1.19ppl/diesel £1.33ppl). What we probably didn't expect was the equally dramatic fall through the second half of 2008 with the market bottoming out in early January 2009. The retail price of diesel dropped by 35ppl over the last six months of 2008 and that included a duty increase of 2ppl during the period! The price of petrol was back to 2006 levels which must have been helpful to all those consumers having to cope with the country's economic ills. The press and the consumers' focus on pump prices for much of the period caused a continuing shift of fuel volumes towards the hypermarkets and many of the hypermarkets are up on a like-for-like basis with much of the rest of the industry down or at best on a par for fuel sales. However, in contrast, shop sales have tended to hold up, with consumers moving towards more top-up visits to the local forecourt c-stores rather than visiting the busy hypermarket for their daily requirements.
The industry continues to adapt and one of the new ways relates to the price differential between petrol and diesel. In July 2007 the difference at the pump between petrol and diesel was less than 1ppl but by July 2008 this...