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ZG fuel gas heat recovery involves the heat recovered through condensation of water vapor. Nearly all exhaust gases contain some moisture in the vapor form. As the exhaust stream cools, it eventually reaches its "dew point" and from then on water vapor begins to condense. In doing so, large amount of recoverable heat is released.

In fact, the heat required to convert water from liquid to vapor form is approximately five and a half times the heat required to bring water from just above the freezing point to its boiling point.

In a typical natural gas fired boiler, the flue gas contains roughly 12% of water vapor and at that concentration, the "dew point" is around 135F. The FLU-ACE tower cools the exhaust gases below the dew point temperature, forcing water vapor to condense and hence,waste heat recovers nearly all of the heat content.

Conventional economizers can cool exhaust gases to about 275F and recover only a small fraction of the total waste heat. In most cases the fuel gas heat recovery can recover five to six times more heat than typical indirect contact economizer.

The ability to recover ZG waste heat is one of the fuel gas heat recovery manufacturer with great strengths and advantages. With the high efficiency condensing heat recovery tower, the hot and humid exhaust gases cool well below their dew point temperatures, releasing not only the majority of the available heat, but also yielding significant amounts of reusable hot water.

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