Frredom of Speech

Nicole Mills
Cultural Considerations

Have you ever had trouble communicating with someone from a different culture whose
first language is not English? Try to keep in mind It can be hard to learn a second
language try to understand that and be patient. When communicating with someone
from a different culture then you, it can sometime be confusing and things can
sometimes be misunderstood. You can avoid the confusion and having
misunderstandings by respecting that they do things may differently. Keep in mind that
some words may mean something different in their culture. If you don’t understand what
they are trying to say to you instead of getting frustrated, you could ask them to repeat
themselves slowly so that you can try to understand what they are trying to say. Cultural
differences can become a barrier in health care because if a patient does not
understand the information and directions that have been given to them by the health
care professional it is impossible to give them the best care possible. If you
misunderstand medical it could be potentially dangerous. To make sure that things are
understood ask questions when you are not sure this could help avoid
misunderstandings. The culture that I chose is the Hispanics because Many Hispanics
patients seem to have a lot of obstacles when dealing with health care facilities in the
United states. Some Hispanics find their health care in non-clinical places, relying on
folk medicine and traditional healers. Many health care providers also deal with these
same obstacles while they are attempting to treat their Hispanic patients. There aren’t
very many Hispanic physicians in the us because of the different cultural beliefs.   The
use of healthcare services has a lesser number of patients in Hispanics because the
because of the issues with language barrier and cultural differences which sometimes
leads to false assumption or even the physician being...