How has your understanding of events, personalities or situations been shaped by their representations in the texts you have studied?

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way and not starting. In my opinion, the Truth is a very powerful weapon that can be altered almost instantly by just about anybody who has the ability to manipulate the minds of the audience. The Truth is a dynamic that can be altered or modified at any time to present new events, personalities or situations. “Frontline” by Rob Setch is a great representation of this.

Frontline is a contemporary current affairs show based at a commercial network. In this text, the media is exposed for its tendency to manipulate the truth in order to appeal to their audience and, hence, meet their goal to achieve high ratings. It is made evident that there is a lack of consideration in the media behind the scenes compared to those on screen and that the media simply manipulates the truth to present a caring nature whilst creating and shedding light on the drama that fuels their industry.

It is clearly evident that the truth is manipulated by the current affair program Frontline. This is done to allow them to achieve their goal of increasing ratings by any means possible. By understanding the manipulation of truth, many understandings of events, personalities and situations are newly shaped. This is clearly demonstrated in the episode Playing the Ego Card. In this episode, Frontline is presented as a ruthless current affairs program which manipulates the truth to achieve their desires and, essentially, increase their ratings. The network pretends to support all of those that work alongside them but only for as long as it benefits them as is made apparent in their confession that, “Mike Moore has this networks 100% support… right up ‘til the day we sack him.” However Brian’s boss, the executive producer of Frontline, encourages this ruthlessness of...