From a Troubled Child to Civilized: an Analysis of the Effects the Mississippi River Has on Huck’s Coming of Age in Twain’s the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

From a troubled child to civilized:

an analysis of the effects the Mississippi River has on Huck’s coming of age in Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

A symbol is defined as something used for or regarded as presenting something else. A symbol can stand for something in a positive and negative manner. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses the Mississippi River to represent Huck's long journey to freedom. The river positively helps Huck's coming of age as he changes his morals and the way he thinks by listening to his conscience rather than second guessing himself constantly. The river can also be seen negatively because many problems actually occur on the river that are difficult to deal with and prolong their destination to freedom and the judgmental society that Jim and Huck live in that they can both no longer put up with.
In the novel, the Mississippi River plays several roles throughout Huck's adventure; the Mississippi River represents Huck's growth in maturity as he learns right from wrong and how to act civilized in a way that will not upset others. Huck starts out as an immature thirteen year old and grows to become a smarter and more educated young boy through the difficult situations he faces. Huck and Jim both strongly desire to run away and be free from society because their society has one mindset on how they should be. Society is always pushing Huck to behave correctly, dress properly, and practice the religion everyone else practices. Jim and Huck also despise society’s idea on how them two should be, if it may be to act more civilized or do what everyone else does and exactly the way they do it. Jim vigorously desires to be a free black slave. Huck is strongly in love with the fact that if he runs away, he sets his own rules and does not have to be how the Widow and society desire him to be. As Huck lives with the Widow and Watson, he does not like the rules they have for Huck to follow set as seen when Huck says,...