Friedrich by Hans Peter Richter

Friedrich Approach Paper

Friedrich by Hans Peter Richter is a story of a Jewish boy that was very lucky in the start of the book he had a great home and enough money to buy everything their family needed. But when Hitler came to power terrible things started to happen. Friedrich started to be rejected from the Germans everywhere like stores, recreation centers, parks, bathrooms, benches and schools because he was a Jew. The Germans mistreated him because he was a Jew. His mother died and his father was deported all because he was Jew.

Friedrich: Lonely, determined, loyal, strong-willed, courageous reclusive
Frau Schneider- Lovely, Kind, Simple, just
Herr Resch- Racist, Mean, quick-tempered, Prejudice

1. What is your opinion of the discrimination of Jews when Hitler was at power?
  It was very cruel for the Jews. They weren’t allowed in non-Jewish schools they were expelled, bathrooms, stores, recreation centers and parks. They had to go to the ones that were only for Jews, which were very few. Lots of them were sent to concentration camps and sent to work or tortured and killed. Jews were rejected everywhere in Germany.

2.   Why is the joining the NSDAP significant?
  Because it gives a non-Jewish family a great advantage. It gives people better work positions and better money wages if the person is a member of NSDAP. It also gives vacation trips through the Party travel bureau.
3. Why does Friedrich come out of the safety of the shelter?
  Because Herr Resch ordered him to get out of the shelter because he was a Jew. Everyone in the shelter argued against it but Herr Resch was the air-raid warden and didn’t have to obey them. When he came out of the shelter the bombs and gunshots of the raid instantly killed him.
Pg.88 The Encounter

Eyes starting fixedly ahead, laden down but erect, we marched past the Jewish class and belted out:
“Crooked Jews are marching through the
Red Sea. The waves close over them, and the world is at peace”...