Friedmans Essay

In Fridmans essay, he takes his simple thesis to new heights, beginning with his idea that nerds are essential to our countries vivacity. As such as, a coach would rally his players, Fridman gives hope to nerds to defeat the villians Fridman has made, the "bullies" throughout the passage.

He begins by describing our countries way of bullying our "intellectually curious" by using phrases like "anti-intellectualism" and "ostracism" and then critizes them deeply. He then procedes to identify the awesomeness of nerds by using key phrases: "the pursuit of the knowledge." He uses this to compare it to the well known prhase in the decleration of independence, "the pursuit of happiness". By doing this he makes his words envoke a feeling of depth. Much like the Declaration of Independence was world-changing. In this one technique alone, he makes nerds seem extremely important in the U.S. society.

In the paragraphs that follow, Fridman exclaims that the pushing around of nerds occurs everywhere. He even mentions the most prestigious school in the country, Harvard, and then   places a paragraph about elementry schools directly after. By doing this he implies that this occurs nation-wide, not just one single occurence, but an entire nation that is wronged.

After the first half of the essay Fridmans tone changes into a wired, enthused, and angry man. He gives determined phrases like "must be fought" and "time to face" that set his tone of tenacity. He also says that change needs to be made not only for the sake of our "ostracized" nerds, but for the sake of our own American lives. He compares the U.S. to other countries where "a kid who studies hard is lauded" and championed. In this, Fridman was a desperate man with a desperate plea for help.