1. According to the Freud theory, Hank possesses an oral personality. Hank tries to regulate his anxieties by using his mouth. In social situations, such as his dates with Sally he was quite sarcastic and made offensive comments. Hank also often chews on his fingernails when he is nervous. When anxious, he always keeps something in his mouth, food or cigarettes. Hank seems to be fixated at the oral incorporative stage; he is excessively concerned with oral activities such as eating and smoking. This fixation could have been caused by his mother. She handed him a cookie or a bottle every time he would cry as a baby. As an adult, to reduce his tension Hank he uses food and cigarettes. His mother is responsible for over gratifying his urge to satisfy stimulation of the mouth. As a baby he was overindulged as an adult he also seeks to depend pn others to satisfy his needs. He claims he needs a woman to love him, so that all his problems will be solved. He also demonstrates personality traits of someone who is fixated at the oral aggressive stage.   He is argumentative and sarcastic, makes biting remarks and displays cruelty toward others.   His verbal outbursts were the norm, engaged in aggressive behavior on dates, work, and daily life.

2.   Freudian’s theory will describe Hank’s eating and argumentative behaviors as being internally motivated. Although he is conscious of his weight problem and seeks help to improve his health, he is not aware that it is his loud mouth that alienates him from his peers. He is very outspoken and has trouble establishing relationships. His unconscious plays a huge role in his personality. His verbal outbursts may be calling out for attention, attention that he seeks from other people. He thought that by becoming good in computers he would be able to form relationships with others. He doesn’t realize that his profession is not the problem; it is his...