Fresh Water Crisis

Fresh water is emerging as the most critical resource issue facing humanity. Is it imagined that Over 1 billion people can not have access to clean drinking water and more than 2 billion lack access to adequate sanitation? In addition, millions die every year due to preventable water-related diseases. While the supply of fresh water is limited, both the world’s population and demand for the resource continues to expand rapidly. Therefore, wise use of water and solution will become increasingly important as the years go by because the world’s demand for freshwater is currently overtaking its ready supply in many place.
This essay will describe the growing global freshwater crisis, including cause and effects. Also it will evaluate the proposed solutions, and argue that what is the best the solution which can improve the freshwater supply in the future.

More than a billion people in developing centuries lack access to safe drinking water, and more than 2 billion lack proper sanitation.(Nature publishing group,2008).Lack of access to water may cause starvation, disease, political instability and even armed conflict.(Roger, 2008) In addition, Polluted water, water shortages, and unsanitary living conditions kill over 12 million people a year. Scientists expect water scarcity to become more common in large part because the word’s population is rising, many people are getting wealthier and global climate change. .(Nature publishing group,2008).

Firstly, there is a close relationship between population and freshwater resources. The world’s rapid population growth over the last century has been a major factor in increasing global water usage. The world’s population is 6.6 billion and still growing (Mccarthy, 2008). On average, each person on the earth needs a minimum of 1000 cubic meters of water per year for drinking,hygiene and growing food for sustenance (Rogers, 2008). By 2050, the 12,000 cubic kilometer of water will be needed to feed the world’s growing...