Frequent Shopper Program Pt 2

Frequent Shopper Program, Part II
Sarah Stanton
Jeffrey Doolin

Kudler Fine Foods has hired Smith Consulting to build a new Frequent Shopper Program for their three locations: La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas.   This program will be designed to track customer purchasing behavior and patterns, in order to offer the best quality products.   In developing the new system, Smith Consulting will be in charge of building the hardware platform, network connections, software development tools, database information, user interfaces, controls, and security measures.  
Hardware Platform
The necessary hardware platform will need to be consistent at all three locations in order for the new system to run smoothly.   The La Jolla and Del Mar locations already have the same hardware setup, which includes the following:
  * 4 POS PII WIN9x Terminals
  * Novell 4.11 Server for POS
  * Ethernet Network
  * UPS Standalone
  * PII 64 mg RAM WIN9x with Office 97 connected to a bubble jet printer and an external CD burner
  * PII w NT Server IIS4 WinFax Pro Built-in Modem and CDROM Reader
  * 56k Modem for Internet access
A bar code system will be used to track customer purchases by utilizing the current bar code hardware that is currently in use.   DSL or Broadband connection will need to replace the 56k Modems to increase power.  
Network Connections
The network used by Kudler Fine Foods is a virtual private network, or VPN.   This is a secured network that allows each location to share files and data with the headquarters.   This also secures tracking information on the new system, and protects sensitive customer data.  

Software Development Tools
Smith Consulting will follow the traditional model of the Software Development Life Cycle to build the Frequent Shopper Program.   Documentation will be kept and referred to throughout each stage of the development cycle, and testing will be conducted throughout the...