French Revolution

F.2 History
Long Question – The Renaissance文藝復興
1.          Where is the Birthplace of the Renaissance? ( p.10-11 ) (1 MARK)
ANS: The Birthplace of the Renaissance is the Italian peninsula.
2.          Why did Italy begin the Renaissance first? ( p.10-11 ) (12 MARKS)
ANS: (choose 2 points for political factors, 1 point for Economic factors, and 2 points for Cultural factors)
Political factors:
Many independent city-states started to appear. A city state was formed by a city and its surrounding lands, and had an independent government and army.
Feudalism gradually disappeared there.
Many people living in these city-states at the time were freemen, and could freely express their ideas about art and learning.
The Italian peninsula was near to Constantinople, the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire. It allowed Roman culture to spread easily.
Economic factors:
Florence, Genoa and Venice controlled the trade in the Mediterranean Sea. Traders of these city-states became rich. They could pay high prices for fine art and paintings.
Cultural factors:
The Italian peninsula became an artistic and cultural center as early as the era of the Roman Empire.
They had high cultural and artistic values.
Rome was the capital city of the Roman Empire, there were many remains of Rome art and heritage.

3.          Why did the Renaissance start at 17th centuries in Europe? (p.6-8)(12 MARKS)
ANS: (choose six points)
1 The decline of church influence:
The German and French rulers challenged the position of the Church and Pope.
The Development of the industry and trade, townspeople became wealthy. They will focus on improving their living standard.
People gained new scientific knowledge from the East.
2 The spread of Eastern knowledge
Crusades 十字軍東侵:
The Crusaders fought with the Muslims. The Crusaders returned to Europe with...