Chris Pape or "Freedom", graffiti artist
Statue of Freedom, a statue on top of the U.S. Capitol dome in Washington, D.C.
[edit] Animation
Freedom Project, an original video animation series
ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, a fictional weapon in the Gundam SEED and Destiny anime television series
ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam, a similar fictional weapon
[edit] Books
Freedom (Franzen novel), a novel (due in 2010) by Jonathan Franzen
Freedom (Suarez novel), a novel by Daniel Suarez
[edit] Film and television
Freedom (2001 film), a 2001 Argentine film
Freedom (TV series), a short-lived television series in 2000
[edit] Music
Freedom (band), a psychedelic rock band
Freedom Records, a jazz label
Freedom Williams, an American hip-hop and dance music performer
[edit] Albums
Freedom (Akon album) (2008)
Freedom (Sheena Easton album) (1997/2007)
Freedom (Andy Griggs album) (2002)
Freedom (Mandisa album) (2009)
Freedom (Santana album) (1987)
Freedom (Michael W. Smith album) (2000)
Freedom (Yothu Yindi album) (1993)
Freedom (Neil Young album) (1989)
[edit] Songs
"Freedom" (Erasure song)
"Freedom" (Jimi Hendrix song)
"Freedom" (Isley Brothers song)
"Freedom" (Solange Knowles song)
"Freedom" (Paul McCartney song)
"Freedom" (Rage Against the Machine song)
"Freedom" (The Sons of Champlin song)
"Freedom" (Theme from Panther)
"Freedom" (Wham! song)
"Freedom! '90" by George Michael, also covered by Robbie Williams
"Think" (Aretha Franklin song), sometimes called "Freedom"
[edit] Computing
Freedom (software), a computer program that disables networking for up to eight hours at a time
Freedom!, an educational computer game on the history of slavery
[edit] Construction
Freedom Ship, a concept for a floating city
Space Station Freedom, the name of a NASA project which later became the International Space Station
USS Freedom, three US Navy ships
[edit] Geography
Freedom, California
Freedom, Idaho and Wyoming
Freedom, Indiana
Freedom, Maine...