Freedom Writers

“Individuals may be more than they first appear”. Explore the statement with reference to Freedom Writers
Idea 1
Individuals may present facades for self preservation.

In the film Freedom Writers the individuals in Erin’s class put up facades for self preservation. They hide the challenges and adversity they are faced with everyday with a deceptive outlook of attitude and appearance. The implementation of Erin's teaching technique of diary entries, as well   as their individual tales break down these veils that they had constructed and ultimately “touched the raw sores of their inner lives.” We see an example of this through the use of contradictory scenes during the montages of the students diary entries. The shot creates juxtaposing ideas using fades and superimposing of clips to indicate the front that the students personally assign to themselves and the true hardships that they face. The internal monologuing of the character Cindy, the close up of her face as well as her in the environment of the classroom adapts the effect of reality as the connotation of the word “stripped” implies that they deprivation of what she faces is essentially out of her control.

Idea 2
Feelings or experiences can be universal, regardless of differences.

The film sets itself amongst the impoverished communities and ‘gangs’ of the society, uncovering the tales of individuals who were labeled   as “at risk”. With deeper exploration Freedom Writers uncovers that feeling and experiences can be universal, regardless of differences. An example of this is seen with the concept of ‘toast for change’, the characters express through verbal speech or from diary entries how they have become invested in changing their lives for the better. In the beginning of the film the characters segregate into their different ethnicities displaying how they each have boundaries and trust relations within the same background or gang. We can see similar inclusion and exclusion of different group...