Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the Press
Today’s students are inquiring minds who are going to be the world’s future and must certainly not be kept from real world issues. To question how much freedom students should have to write in the newspaper is absurd. How much or how little restriction on what the students choose to write about should not be a controversial issue at all; unfortunately that’s not the case. When is the faculty going to realize challenging the student’s articles is not tolerable due to the fact of the 1st amendment?
One of the most powerful documents in America that indicates human rights is the constitution. One of the human rights specified in the constitution is the right of freedom of press, which directly relates to the students stipulation. Freedom of the press is the freedom to publish printed materials of ALL KINDS.
Students in high school are all essentially young adults who sooner or later, are forced to have to face real world conflicts. Unfortunately parental “shelter” will be let down and these young adults will be obligated to mature. The issues of teen pregnancy and the impact of divorce are serious matters that every student should be well educated on, in order to help their own future.
Allowing students freedom of press also teaches them how to be individuals and express themselves without the assistance of a mentor. Majority of high school students plan to move away from home to attend college; where they will have no one to count on but themselves.
One of the major goals in high school is to teach students how to become individual and help them make that last adjustment towards maturity. The freedom of press allows students even more so to become opinionated and have their own say just like they will have to do for the rest of their lives in adulthood.