Free Education

Education can be defined as the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. But an education is much more than that. Its a right of passage. Today in life you can not get very far without an education.

The United Stated of America is one of the few countries that enforce all children, boys and girls, to attend school on a regular basis. Other countries such as Chad, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Niger, Nepal, Morocco, Pakistan, Bengladesh, Senegal, and Haiti all fall under the sixty percent literacy rate line because they do not have laws that mandate children to go to school.

In some countries, girls are forbidden to get an education. In Yemen, only fifty-two percent of girls attend primary school, and only thirty-five percent of girls end up attending a secondary school. Even more shocking is the recent attacks towards school girls in Afghanistan. In November 2008, yound girls had burning acid tossed at their faces all because they were on their way to school. Shortly after the two girls attacker struck, three pairs of men on motorcycles began circling the Mirwais School for GIrls. Each pair was equipped with either a spray bottle, a squirt gun, or a jar, filled with acid. Eleven girls and four teachers were hit and six had to seek medical attention. This all seemed to be doings of the Taliban. Banning girls from school was one of the most notorious symbol's of the Taliban's rule before they were ousted from power in November 2001.

We are extremely lucky to live in a country that allows us to get a free education, so we can better ourselves. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be illiterate. Everything in life requires us to either read or write. Schools even offer free transportation to and from school. In some countries, kids have to walk over two miles down dirty, muddy paths to get to school because there are no paved streets or school buses. Here, in the United States, there are schools in every town. Some countries only...