Within this last chapter of Fitzgerald novel, we have insight into Gatsby funeral through nicks perspective.
Nick narrates this chapter by exploring the events of the funeral and going through time checks of what he had done up to Gatsby’s death. Because of Nick’s true liking for Gatsby, I think that his narrating can be trusted as he respected him as a friend, and so explains his perception of it as an honest way. Nick sets a really dull and depressing mood which sets the scene of Gatsby funeral in his gothic mansion. Nick describes the meter hearse as ‘horribly black and wet; this pure pathetic fallacy as the wet weather is tying in with the mournful mood of the funeral. Describing the Hearst as ‘horribly black’ suggests Nick almost cannot cope at the sight of the hearse that carries Gatsby’s body, and the use of colour creates further the morbid atmosphere.
As well as Nick’s narration, Wolfshiem tells his response to Gatsby’s death through as letter sent to Nick. He explains he cannot attend the funeral, which brings Nick a ‘felling of defiance’ end ‘scornful solidarity between Gatsby and me against them all’. I think that Nick feels hurt that Gatsby is not going to have a big send off, and feels that it is his responsibility for Gatsby’s sake to have people that cared about him the most there. It just portrays that Gatsby is mysterious to people, and in reality no one really know who this Gatsby is, which shows in the small turn out to his funeral.
Not only does Nick take us back in time to the events of Gatsby’s farewell, but he also takes readers to a further past such as ‘later October’ with Tom Buchanan. He describes Tom walking ahead of him along fifth avenues, but in an ‘alert, aggressive way… head moving sharply… adopting itself to its restless eyes’. This description of Tom by Nick shows his pure hatred and disliking for him. This is purely because he told Wilson Gatsby had run over Myrtle, which is why Wilson killed Gatsby. This may be an over...