Franklin Township

How the Economy Has Affected Franklin Township Schools
Loretta Renner
May 16, 2010
Tracey Schoonmaker

How the Economy Has Affected Franklin Township Schools

    What is the future education of our children worth, school closings, budget cuts, “pay to- participate” athletic programs, and lawsuits? Franklin Township Schools are on the southeast side of Marion County, Indiana. Franklin Township has experienced a steady growth in the last few years.
    There have been some changes in the eight years of living in Franklin Township. Some of the changes are they add two elementary schools, two intermediate schools, one middle school, and added on to the high school.   There are seven elementary schools k- 4 grades, two intermediate schools 5- 6 grades, two middle schools 7- 8 grades, one high school 9- 12 grades. The school board was going to change some of the schools around with the closing of two schools. They are not going to proceed with the original plans of turning Edgewood Intermediate into a Early Learning Center for preschool and kindergarten, and Kitley Intermediate into elementary school for grades 1- 5 and middle schools to grades 6- 8. Now that they decided to leave open the other two schools. The schools will remain as they are. The board members voted to keep the schools “open as a means of preserving the community (Marshall, 2010). The school board voted to raised price of lunch by fifty- two cents, and raised the of price of all- day kindergarten by $ 1,600 dollars which has double from this year.
    The school board was going too laid off fifty teachers, and they are going to cut some of the other staff members like custodians, and maintenance workers. The school was supposed to cut teachers positions. Dr. Walter Brourke is the Superintendent of school board in Franklin Township. Brourke said “it is not possible to follow through on eliminating certain positions.” It is yet to be determining “how many teachers will be laid off,”...