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Viktor Frankl’s Work in Relation to Marx, Sartre and Freud

Viktor Frankl is a well known author and psychiatrist who formed a method of therapy called Logotherapy after being a prisoner of a concentration camp in the 1930’s.   His work has been compared to other great minds like Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Jean-Paul Sartre.   All four of these men were considered to b e philosophers in their own right. Some are more closely related to philosophical state of mind known as existentialism. Maybe all of these men were. This is what the paper is going to determine.
Viktor Frankl served a couple of years in the worst concentration camp that surfaced during World War II known as Auschwitz.   During his stay in the camps, Frankl lost his father, mother, brother and wife. The only family member that survived and was spared was his sister.   Frankl was stripped down to his bare naked self in the camp was provided with virtually nothing to eat or stay warm. Through the trials and tribulations of the camp, he designed his own form of therapy called Logotherapy. Frankl had realized during his imprisonment, that those people or other prisoners who found meaning in their life were the ones that survived the prison camp.   The prisoners who sat around at let the environment consume them without really taking a look at their own existence and why it should be important to them wound up being gased or burned to death.

Frankl realized during his stay at the camp what was truly important to him and what his purpose was in life. He found that being there for other struggling prisoners gave him strength to carry on and continue in his own life. He kept active and made the horrifying environment a rewarding experience.   This is where he saw Logotherapy, which means meaningful therapy or findind meaning, as opposed to the pleasure principle which was introduced by Sigmund Freud.   “That is why I speak of a will to meaning in contrast to the pleasure principle on which Freudian...