From the moment the creature in Frankenstein awoke he was confused, he didn’t know of his creation or why he was created. The creature could be compared to a new born; he had to learn everything from the beginning. He became educated and spoke with eloquence and his character was kind until he felt the sting of hatred from mankind.
When the monster was created, and shunned by his creator he ran for shelter in the forest by his creators home. There he learned of the sensations of Mother Nature “oppressed by cold” and the wants of the human form such as “hunger, and thirst” and how to satisfy them. He learned of fire and felt “delight at the warmth” it puts off, but learned the hard way of the pain it causes. The monster obtains his education by watching a poor family living in a cottage. He applied “great application” to observing their speech and life style, he started to learn and “applied the words, fire, milk, bread, and wood”, as a result of this as time went on his communication skills and vocabulary broadened incredibly. He obtained a knowledge base “of history” from a book on of the cottage members read to his wife, as well as an insight “into the manners, governments, and religions: of the world, and also many other types of instruction. While the monster inhabited the hovel he would “steal a part of their store” for him to eat, he discovered that this act troubled them, and with a “trait of kindness” he stopped taking their food, and begun to participate in chores that would help them such as “collecting wood for the family fire”, by doing this his sensitivity and emotions are portrayed. This trait he possessed quickly vanished when he read the journal papers of his creation, and his protectors in the cottage rejected him, and his “heart sank” and instead of rejecting his vengeful feelings he embraced them and felt great hatred towards man and his “cursed creator”.
The creator never intended to be the repugnant monster he became, he was a reject of...