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Ms. Hines
English 3U
November 30, 2010.
The Concept of Knowledge and Science in Frankenstein
      In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, forbidden knowledge and science are deeply entrenched in the mind of the reader. This idea is a strong theme in the novel which is shown through the main character, Victor Frankenstein. Victor is not prepared for the knowledge he gains. The knowledge which Victor acquired is not used the way it should have been used. Also Victor`s mental state ultimately caused his downfall. Victor Frankenstein`s destruction can be attributed to the forbidden knowledge of science which he pursued.
      The psychological illness of Victor Frankenstein is shown in many ways through the novel. Victor shows signs and symptoms from an early age that he possesses a mental disorder that neither his friends nor his family will accept. Since no one did anything about his mental health, Victor began a downward spiral as the years passed by. When Victor's mother brought Elizabeth home for the first time Victor was just a young boy. His immediate reaction was that he "looked upon Elizabeth as mine" (Shelley 37).

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To look upon a person as an object from such a young age sets the mentality of possession and ownership. Victor was able to possess or own someone and it was acceptable by his parents. This is partly to blame on behalf of his parents. Victor's mother introduced Elizabeth as a "pretty present for my Victor" (Shelley 37) which would make Victor Frankenstein believe that she belongs to him. This is the first indication that Victor suffered from a personality disorder. Furthermore, Victor showed signs of a social disorder. “It was my temper to avoid a crowd and to attach myself fervently to a few. I was indifferent, therefore, to my school-fellows in general.”(Shelley 22) This is another quotation that shows...