Frankenstein Essay What It Means to Be Human?

Frankenstein essay
What it means to be human?

‘Frankenstein’ is a powerful novel written by Mary Shelley and now adapted into the play script by Phillip Pullman. The story of a scientist obsessed with creating a ‘better’ kind of being is consumed by his research and has spent many years denying his family and friends to create the perfect-being using his scientific knowledge and with a little lightning he hopes to create an angel-like being composed of human body parts, in contrast he creates an ugly abomination. Frankenstein horrified by what he has created abandons the creature at the last minute because of its hideous deformity believing that it should be beautiful to live leaves the monster to escape and fend for itself in the human world. Throughout the play the Monster quickly develops human characteristics and learn what it means to be a human, Frankenstein himself learns what it means to be human although he looks like a human being outside what’s inside makes him inhumane as the monster does outside.

The definition of being ‘Human’ is to have what the dictionary describes as “of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people” The monster indeed pertains the characteristics and nature of people such as the emotions experienced by humans such as love, despair, rage and revenge. Even though he has the characteristics of a human with limbs, body and a face they have been distorted to an extent which makes him physically ugly and unhuman-like.

Frankenstein’s creature was created innocent however looked severely deformed his nature was to become good and kind, however society viewed his external monstrous appearance and he was automatically rejected and seen as a monster.
A major turning point for the monster to become ‘a monster’   is when he encounters Agathe a young blind women living in a simple cottage in the forest , They have a quick conversation and the monster convinces Agathe he is a friend
“With one hand he holds her,...