Frankenstein Compares to the Moive

Some Guy
September 1, 2010
Frankenstein novel compare to moive

Frankenstein the book and the movie had a few similarities and many differences. Robert De Niro plays the monster and he does an alright job portraying the monster in the book . Kenneth Branagh plays Victor Frankenstein and his film was   in the way he showed the challenges that he needed to face during Victor's life.   In the beginning of the book and the beginning of   the movie it’s similar because Victor creates life from dead body parts. Victor brings the monster to life on a rainy day and abandons the monster.   Then the monster escapes and   people become extremely scared of it. When the monster awakes in the movie, like the book, shows the monster not evil; until the monster realizes he is not accepted or loved. The human’s reactions to the monster are also very similar. “Everyone starts at the sight of him, runs from his frightening features, or tries to kill the monster out of fear.”(Frankenstein page 3)   In the film, the monster is unable to speak and the audience is unable to see any humanity within him. Instead of the viewer feeling pity for the monster as portrayed in the book, the movie aims to scare everyone watching the film. A scene the film takes out is the year the monster spent by the house of the De Lacey's in which he learns how to speak and understand language he also tries to become friends with the blind old father. Once he lives the De Lacey's   the monster saves the girl drowning in the book but in the movie he throws her into the river. Elizabeth shows how much love she has towards Victor, the picture that she creates is exactly like the book; and she does well at showing her fear. Frankenstein abandons his work after he becomes extremely frightened on how hideous it is; all but convinced that the monster he created would perish on its own.  
Victor Frankenstein, who is the young scientist, who discovers how to bring life to dead tissue , who the story revolves...