Frankenstein Blade Runner

To interfere with nature can produce dire consequences. Consider this in light of your two texts and examine how the composers deal with this issue?

Mary Shelley’s Gothic Romantic novel Frankenstein and Ridley Scott’s Science Fictions Noir film Blade Runner are both futuristic texts which is used as a warning for humanity if science and technology keep advancing. Both composers deal with the concept of interfering with the natural process of mankind and the dreadful consequences when science becomes greater than nature# The composers shape meaning to this concept and demonstrate this through various motifs such as science vs. religion and a variety of film techniques. Both texts were considered highly controversial at the time of the time of publishing and raised extreme awareness among a significant amount of the world’s population.

Shelly and Scott focus on the pursuit of technology and the rejection of the natural process of humanity. In Frankenstein, nature is an important aspect through out the novel, this is conveyed through Victor’s desire to conquer nature “new species would bless me as its creator…many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me”. The ‘monster’ which is Victor’s creation is a metaphor for the inevitable destruction which comes as a result of the exploitation of nature. In comparison, Blade Runner focus’s on the increase of consumerism in the 1980’s. The opening scene of Blade runner is a shot of a dystopian Los Angeles juxtaposed with jets of fire, this technique gives greater awareness to the viewer of the