Frankenstein and Blade Runner Context

Module A
This is a COMPARATIVE STUDY underpinned by the concept of CONTEXTUALISATION. Therefore you need to have:
  * A thorough understanding of how the social, historical and cultural contexts of the two texts have impacted on the crafting of the texts
  * The content
  * Different perspectives of the text
  * Your own reception of the texts
  * When comparing and contrasting you must question whether they present changing values and different perspectives about the use of technology and what has been created.
Both texts:
  * Explore dilemma that continues to be significant in the twenty-first century: the ethical and moral tension between the fear of humanity’s abuse of technology- because of our inherent flaws such as ambition, ego and greed – and the incredible potential for technology to extend life and even defy death.
  * Consider the ramifications of using technology to create life
  * Humanity abuses its gift
  * Both explore how scientists have not considered the ramifications of using technology to create life.
‘Our unstoppable pursuit of knowledge and increasing technological advances have made us cross the line. Humanity is playing God without considering the consequences’.

*Note: making an explicit connection between the context of both texts and its impact on the meaning being communicated is essential in this comparative study. Both texts deal with issues that arise from the events, attitudes and values of their period.
Frankenstein Context:
Mary Shelley’s world in the early nineteenth century was in a state of flux, with humanity gaining more individual power and technological advances escalating (with the industrial revolution). This is also apparent in Blade Runner, however, the disturbing context of the 1980s has been projected forward to a dystopian world in 2019 of globalization and advanced technology.
She was swept off her feet by Percy Shelley at the age of...