Frank Essay

Elizabeth Lavenza
The kind, gentle female who is "more than sister" to Victor and "more than daughter" to his father marries Victor. Her devotion to Victor is total and undying. Elizabeth's love for Victor rivals the love of Caroline for Alphonse. In this case it is Elizabeth's love which gains prominence, and not Victor's.
Elizabeth has never complained of the ambiguity of their relationship. She has totally given up her life for the Frankenstein family, raising William and Ernest as her own children. She is a fearless being, ready to stand up for what she believes is right. When the whole world turns its back on the innocent Justine, Elizabeth defends her. She even blames herself for William's death because she had given him the miniature of Caroline, for which, it is presumed, he was murdered.
Elizabeth, too, falls prey to the monster because she is an important part of Victor's life. The monster exacts vengeance by depriving Victor of such total love and devotion
"Be happy, my dear Victor," replied Elizabeth; "there is, I hope, nothing to distress you; and be assured that if a lively joy is not painted in my face, my heart is contented. Something whispers to me not to depend too much on the prospect that is opened before us; but I will not listen to such a sinister voice. Observe how fast we move along, and how the clouds, which sometimes obscure and sometimes rise above the dome of Mont Blanc, render this scene of beauty still more interesting. Look also at the innumerable fish that are swimming in the clear waters, where we can distinguish every pebble that lies at the bottom. What a divine day! how happy and serene all nature appears!" From this quote it can be seen that Elizabeth is a sign of hope for Victor. Reveals her true character. Shows her romantic side, strong connection with nature.
Elizabeth is an example of women during Mary Shelley’s time. They supported, encouraged and took care their husbands. Mary Shelley is against this...