Four Funtions of Management

The Four Functions of Management

In this essay I will explain the four functions of management which are planning, organization, leading and controlling. I will also be explaining in brief detail how this is affiliated within the organization that I am currently a part of.

Functions of Management
Organizations universally regardless of magnitude have urbanized and implemented their own concepts of administration. These concepts are established so that every organization will be able to function smoother and carry out their objectives, visions, and goals.   The four fundamental functions of administration are broken down into four diverse areas that are used to handle the operational, strategic, and tactical decisions within an organization. These for factors would be planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
The heart of management and its most important role is planning. Planning happens to be the main base in which all four functions are built by. Planning requires management to evaluate where the organization is presently, and where it wants to be in the near future, and what it wants to stand for.   Starting there is a suitable method of comings and goings to accomplish the organizations goals and objectives, which are developed and implemented.
For example, in my organization, El Paso Truck & Machinery Inc’s goal is to provide the city of El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and other surrounding areas, the ability to rent and sell heavy equipment at affordable prices to the environmental industry.   El Paso Truck & Machinery Inc would like to increase their inventory by at least adding one hundred more pieces to their inventory. One of their quite successful interests is having the ability to buy and sell heavy equipment through auctions whether it is national or international. Their dream and goal is to become one of El Paso’s most successful and a well known corporation that provides great service, affordable and...