Formal Analysis

Dwayne D. Moore Jr.
AD 207A   - Art History I
T.A. – Adrienne Foster
February 16, 2011

Formal Analysis: Here (Nicholas Vergette)

“Here” is a freestanding sculpture, and it stands about 10 ½ ‘ tall, and it resides here at the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.   The statue was constructed by the late professor of the School of Art and Design, Nicholas Vergette, and could quite possibly be seen as a tribute to the School of Art and Design. The freestanding sculpture is arranged on top of hill in front of the new Morris Library, and sits in a very circular stance. All of the sculptures presented here are all presented in different types of colors.

The sculpture itself is in excellent condition, but has signs of massive wear and tear, compliments of its age. The sculpture itself looks as though it was used in many different types of materials. Materials could include limestone, concrete, stone, marble, and many different others. Fragments of the sculpture itself have been wearing away, deteriorating, and losing color. The sculpture itself has much detail within each and every single item presented. Whether it is different carvings, colors, placement, height, width, etc.

The sculpture itself is delicately designed, and is non-symmetrical, but is very abstract. This is proof that Prof. Nicholas Vergette may have been abstract himself. When looking at this piece, it seems as though the artist used very basic geometric shapes, curvilinear lines, and movement. One can assume that Prof. Nicholas Vergette was one for color, because each individual sculpture has a different unique feature colored wise. The formation of this sculpture could be seen as a basic geometric plane as a circle. The form itself depicts that the sculpture was very much so reliant on movement, which gives it great detail.

Taking a closer look at the piece itself, however, the rigidity non-symmetrical organization in stones is constantly relieved by the artist’s sensitivity and...