Forgotten Group Member


The given case clearly describes possible problems that we (students) can face during group work. Disunity, misunderstanding, lack of time, failure of given tasks and arguments are the points that can be met during the work in the group.
Mr. Rasmussen’s approach of teaching isn’t innovative but it is very effective. And it needs a lot of effort as from the instructor’s side and as from the students’ side. In this case we can see how group members communicate with each other, which problems occur in the process of group development and also we can see how it is important to pass through the stated stages (forming, norming, storming and performing) accurately and coherently.
While reading this case I brought a few issues, I would divide them into 3 groups according to the source of its origin:
  I. Janet
      a. Janet had a lack of time
      b. She didn’t range her priorities
      c. She didn’t always inform the group that she would be absent
      d. She didn’t even try to improve her relations with the group mates
      e. Without fixing problems with the group mates she went straightly to Mr. Rasmussen
  II. Christine
      f. Christine didn’t pay a lot of attention to the group cohesion
      g. After recognizing that the environment in the group is kind of stressful she just stated it and didn’t try to fix
      h. She skipped the first stage of   group development (establish relationship)
  III. Group members (Diane, Mike, Steve)
      i. They didn’t try to improve relationship with Janet either
      j. The group assignment was already done but since it was a group work and one member hadn’t participate in the preparation we can assume that they failed the task
If we want to find the guilty part it will be impossible because all of them are not right. They didn’t follow the documents which they signed even though it wasn’t real. “Striving to a cohesive group”, “Assisting the group manager in the managerial...