For Immediate Release

April 18, 2011
Company X has felt a loss of their CFO, however, they feel that the company can and will provide the employees and stockholders with a firm foundation. Company X has been in the middle of a financial crisis and to some this may bring unrest. I have been with the company heads and understand that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) maybe involved with the crisis, however Company X is confident these matters can be resolved with little problems to employees and stockholders.
Who’s to blame?
Here is what we know so far; The CFO has resigned rather quickly, do to personal reasons. At the wake of the resigned a replacement CFO is being put into place as soon as he or she is up to date with the problems Company X is experiencing. While the investigation into the Company X financial records are being probed the new CFO is there to help with anything the government may need. Only at the time the investigation is complete will we be able to know all the details and where the blame lays.
Company X will continue to operate as before
Company X will kept their doors open for business as usual with little interruption from internal and external business. However, if at any time a problem arises Company X will keep the lines of communication open, as this is a priority. Any news related to this matter will be available for internal and external sources such as yourself and all that is related to this matter.