“for Environmental Balance, Pick Up a Rifle”

Mo Bourogaa
Ms. Duffy
English 112
“For Environmental Balance, Pick Up a Rifle”
Nickolas Kristof starts out his article by briefly quizzing the reader on general knowledge that he soon tries to challenge. Followed by his main argument led by an interesting title he chose when he decided to incorporate “picking up a rifle” with “environmental balance”.   In doing this, the author makes it clear from the get-go that he stands firm with the belief that hunting is a logical solution to the issue of environmental balance. His solution to this problem is simply, Achieving environmental balance by the means of hunting; which could also be seen as the main thesis to this essay. Immediately, the author identifies the issue that he is set out to provide a solution for in his argument.
Kristof makes the claim that the overpopulation of deer possesses a greater danger to humans than common predators do. He supports this claim by stating the damage this issue is already causing to the environment with these statistics to go with it “One result is ticks and Lyme disease, but deer also kill people more directly. A study for the insurance industry estimated that deer kill about 150 people a year in car crashes nationwide and cause $1 billion in damage.” This number compares to the other supported claim he makes of how predators such as bears, wolves and cougars are only responsible for about 3 to no deaths a year. In respect to these claims, it’s clear that the author is trying to shed some light so that the reader can identify the unnatural characteristics that the current environmental imbalance is causing.
Although Nickolas Kristof stands firm on his beliefs that hunting is the more logical solution for this problem he still remains mindful of the fact that people nowadays might see hunting as a primitive or as he puts it, a “barbaric” means of dealing with this issue. Nonetheless Kristof continues his argument by pointing out how people nowadays may be more...