For and Against

The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

Have you considered studying abroad? As education become in Romania a political subject, many students are thinking about studying abroad, where probably the opportunities to build their own career are many. But this step has advantages and disadvantages, which every student should think about before they make a decision.
First of all, the biggest advantage of studying abroad is that it can bring you independence because you would be far from your parents and you’ll have to do all by yourself. Also, you will meet people from all over the world and you will interact with a large number of persons. A disadvantage of this fact is that you may feel quite alone in a foreign state, in spite of all the new friends you will make. Also, the lack of parents help and support, as well as being far away from your old friends, may affect you.
Another advantage of studying abroad is that is the best way to learn a foreign language, as long as you will be forced to speak it in public, with people from all social categories, even with the native ones. Beside that, studying abroad offers you the chance to see new places, to discover different cultures and lifestyles, which can impact you and change your way of thinking in a more diversified one. However, a big disadvantage of this experience is the cost. In a foreign country the prices are more probably more expensive and the most of scholarships don’t cover all the outgoings. Also, as much as you get used to live in that country, the „coming back shock” will be bigger.
In conclusion, studying abroad offers you a lot of opportunities and chances to improve yourself and to develop the skills necessarily for your personally and professionally growth, but also put you in front of many challenges.

Bîndar Alina Mădălina
Pre-intermediate 2