Laying on the fifty yard line wondering. Why does this have to end?   Will this be my last

game ever.   As tears pour down my face.   I realize this is a big love in my life.   I come to relize this will be one of my biggest hardships in my life.   To put a   game I have played all my life behind me, and never play again.
    I reflected about my first time to play football. When I signed up and got the call from my coach telling what team I was on.   I remember the first time I put on my pads. Running on the practice field that was freshly cut. The look on my dads face when I got my first takle was pricesless.   It was the feeling of a proud dad that wants to see his son do a good job for his team.
    Theres a lot of step in life and football. When you are younger you play just for your family. Then you move to junior high its for a school but still kinda for your family. When you get to high school you play for your town. You wear that famous conroe name. When some one talks about the city they talk about football. Its a whole town that when the see you they know who you are and say “sic' em Tigers” .   Theres a special feeling you get by hearing a stranger say “good luck Pimentel”.   Its also the way old men want to talk about when the played. Even junior high kids saying the want to play just like you.
    Thats when it hit me im not just putting a game behind me, but a friend,a feeling, a TOWN.
This game we all call football isnt just a game. Its a way a life its a lifestyle. Its a passion,it’s the buuterflys you get when you line up for the star spangle banner. The walk of the captions to   meet the other teams captions. The feeling of a big hit that makes everyome in the staduim go to a dead silents. The feeling you get on a Friday night most people don’t get in a lifetime . its nowing no matter what happens our town is behind you, also its if you get in trouble your brothers got your back. Its undiscrible the   feeling you get when you look at the stands and...