Foodtech Report

Food Technology- Report                                              
People eat not because of hunger but the psychological and emotional perspectives of different person. The psychological factors are mainly based on the experience, attitude, beliefs, values, habits, emotion and self concept of reasons why people select a certain amount of food they choose to intake. It is a fact proven that the surveys that were processed, it shows that people select food for many reasons not because they are hungry. Year 11 Food Technology class has gathered up information to research the topic of “we don’t just eat because we are hungry”.
Over viewing the surveys that were collected the Year 11 Food Technology class has discovered many different perspectives of many people of different ages and gender. This investigation was made to prove the thesis statement; people don’t eat because of hunger but the emotional perspectives of each different person. Overall the main finding that Year 11 Food Technology class has discovered was that the psychological factors influence the people’s perspectives of food and eating habits. As a result people don’t eat food just because they are hungry but the psychological factors make them eat.
Experience is a psychological factor which can change a person’s eating habits. Every individual has unique likes and dislikes towards food. These preferences develop overtime. The preferences are influenced by the past personal experiences that change a person’s eating habits or has been kept the same. In the survey that year 11 food technology class has gathered many people had bad experiences with food being off, not properly cooked, and allergies towards certain foods. This effects people choices as they will be convinced to not eat it again or a long period of times such as someone with eating mash potatoes they had a bad experience and have not eaten potatoes until twenty years later. This proves that after an unpleasant experience with food,...