Foodie in My Heart

Foodie in My Heart
  To be honest, I am not a foodie at all, but my father is. According to its definition in dictionary, “foodie” refers to a person who is very interested in cooking and eating different kinds of food. However, I have my own definition for “foodie”—— a person who makes every effort to study the ways of cooking to express his warm love for the one he really loves.   My father is a foodie in my heart. Those funny stories with food are quite unforgettable.
  “Hey, sweetheart. Wake up!”, said my father, with his hand patting on my shoulder. It was at midnight, and I was surprised. “Dad, what’s going on?” He smiled, and continued: “How about trying the steamed egg?” On hearing his words, I became totally awake, jumping up and following him without hesitation.
  “I made it! I believe you will love it, it’s sweet.”  
  “Dad, why don’t we share this with mum and sister?”
  “Hush, ” he acted promptly, “We should not let them know we are eating such a delicious food at this time. Mum will be angry, for she always thinks it is bad for our health. And, you know, I just want you to be the one who shares the steamed egg with me. ”
  I didn’t know how he cooked it, I just knew that it looked good and tasted delicious. He even taught me how to eat steamed eggs. He told me that I should not eat it too fast and too “rudely”. I should, with my spoon, eat it layer by layer, keeping it in a good shape. What he said is true. Every time I did so, I slowed down the speed of eating it, and thus came to understand the flavor and beauty in it. Anyway, eating steamed egg at midnight has been a secret between us throughout my childhood.
  For foods, the best thing does not lie in its great variety or tastiness, but the time when we eat them. I had a strong feeling about this when I was about thirteen.
  That morning, at about 10 o’clock, I said to my father:
“Dad, I’m very hungry. I want to have a meal. ”
“Oh, that may not be ok. You cannot have lunch until mum...