Classical Period
The next thing the kids knew, they were back at Buah’s underwater treehouse. She congratulated them on finding the first clue, but told them that in order for them to get back home, they need to find 2 more clues. The next clue is in a different time period, the classical period, so she sends them to China. When they arrive, they are greeted by a ferocious, fire breathing dragon. The dragon gives them a note that says,
“Meet Shi Huangdi in the temple across the Great Wall. He is waiting for you to arrive. He is anxious to meet you, so don’t keep him waiting. Tick-tock.”  
On their journey to the temple, they stumble into a strange man on the wall. He introduces himself as Yu Mi, a Confucian Leader. He told them that he is an ancient monk from the temple. He said that the wall was built by millions of soldiers and convicts. When the soldiers and convicts die, they would be thrown into the wall, used as material, and then covered with cement. He also told them that ancient Chinese people believe that the wall follows the tracks of a helpful dragon. He then told the kids that he knows a faster way to get across the Great Wall. He said that all they have to do is close their eyes and clap 3 times. The kids did as they were told. When they opened their eyes, they were half way across, and the temple was in sight.
When they opened their eyes, they were face to face with one of the greatest emperors China ever had, Shi Huangdi.   All of the kids remembered learning about him in their history class.   As their minds filled with unanswered questions it was a race to ask the first one.
The twins shouted out anxiously “Why did you make the Great Wall of China so long?”
Shi answered in an instant “I made the wall long and tall to help keep the Mongols out to protect China.”
Athen and Atthew says “You should have made it shorter. We are both exhausted!”
Ace the older sister “I am sorry for my brothers.” “I think what we really want to know why...