Food Safety

In this role, I am responsible for the Turkish community to recognise the first principles of Food Safety in the Catering. Teaching and training this community is one of my major roles. As a teacher I often use a bi-lingual approach (Turkish/English) because the Turkish people who I trained so far had no English language skills.
    My sessions in the taught program are focused on identifying type of hazards, risks assessments and in explaining the importance of food safety and introducing the main features of food poising and food born-illnesses etc.
    I also have a responsibility to consider in the class how my training will impact on the student. I approach individual learners in my session. Learners I coached so far come from different part of Turkey. From this point I am aware of respecting the different socio-cultural background of learners making them comfortable and creating a supportive learning environment without any barriers such as religion of beliefs. This issue can also be shared and discussed within learners involved in my sessions.
    As a trainer my responsibility is to underline the learners’ needs and I will always plan teaching effectively so as to ensure that learners are included and actively participate in my sessions. I will use multi-media presentations, with a combination of audio-visual techniques aimed at involving all different type of learners, trying to reach people with learning difficulties, disabilities and language needs.
    The main purpose of my session is to make aware learners of the points of food law as it relates to Food Hygiene regulations. These involve, for example, temperature control regulations as food can be kept at ambient temperature with no risk to health. For instance hot food should be kept below 63 C. Therefore I need to establish which legislation and codes of practise apply to learners and their area of work in order to accomplish law regulations.

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