Food Safety Management Procedures

Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety in Catering.

Sue Donnelly

Assignment A –Food safety management procedures (compulsory unit).

Food safety and management procedures are a vital element of ensuring that the vulnerable people in my care are kept safe and healthy.
In care settings, the types of people who are being cared for are extremely vulnerable this is due to the nature of their advanced years and also due to the fact the many of them are suffering with different forms of dementia, it is because of this they are owed a duty of care
Because they have diminished mental capacity, it is our role in care settings to make decisions on behalf of them which affect their everyday lives.   This not only about making sure that their everyday needs and comfort are met, but also that choices are catered for in as much as we are able to provide for each individual in our care.
It is part of the management role to consider these many needs; in particular, nutrition and food play a key role.
In most types of food business, the consumer has the option to chose to eat something which may not be good for them (long term) or may not have much nutritional value it is their choice, in care settings, we may also offer our clients such choices occasionally but have overall responsibility to maintain their health and well being, in a way our ‘consumers’ are a captive audience and we have a duty of care to provide food that is not only safe to eat, but also of a nutritional value.
Initially all care settings whether NHS, private, voluntary or run by local Borough Councils were governed by The Health Care Commission and CSCI, and the Mental Health Act commission, this changed in March 2009, to the Care Quality Commission, they will follow recommendations from Government sources and use information provided for by suitably qualified providers of information, one such agency is the Food standards Agency, this is then fed down to the care settings and groups in accordance...