Foe Nultichoice

Foe (on Chapter 2)
by J. M. Coetzee

The characters’ relationships -- Roy,
Language &Tongue   -- Chelsea,
Susan Barton & Her daughter -- Annie,
Susan as a writer - Siobhan
The changes of their relationships among Susan, Cruso and Friday

A. Cruso and Friday
B. Cruso and Susan
C. Susan and Friday

A. Cruso and Friday
In chapter 1, Cruso is like a king. He treats Friday like his slave.
Cruso is like a colonizer and Friday to be a colonized aboriginal. He only teaches him some words. (P.56)
Cruso is suspected to cut out Friday’s tongue. (P. 68)
Cruso dies then.

B. Cruso and Susan
In chapter 1, Cruso also wants to subordinate Susan and not let her go around. =>colonizer and someone to be colonized
Later Cruso appreciates Susan’s help on the ship.
In chap.2, Susan regards Cruso as her friend. She dreams of him (P. 54) and the island of Cruso.

Susan and Friday
In chap.1, Susan is afraid of Friday because she doesn’t know him at all and the lost tongue.
In chap 2, Susan and Friday are like friends.They are like mother and son. She takes care of him. (P. 47)
She tries to teach him simple English and observes his behavior in order to understand him more. (P. 56)--Friday’s dance
She has sympathy on him.
The Theme:Language &Tongue

The Lost Tongue
The lost ability of living independently   P. 48
The inability of expressions (murmur, grief)   P. 23, p. 49
The lost sense of selfness   P. 51
The bereft interest of learning to express freely   P.56

The lost chance of sharing and supporting P. 70
  No world of play: boring life   p.85
The abiding sleep of awareness (a scourage of Africa)   P 82
The dead heart   p.57, P. 70, P.85
The lost freedom   p. 100

The motivation
For fear of the idleness and stupidness
              will destroy him.
                    PP. 56,57
Abolish the notion of speech   p. 57
reborn the memories   p.57
return to the world of words   p. 60

Susan Barton & Her daughter
In Chap.1, to search for Susan’s...