Fmi: Video Intercom Devices Market Revenue, Opportunity, Forecast and Value Chain 2015-2025

Intercom (intercommunication devices) is a standalone voice communication system installed at the entrance or exit of building, society or office, working independently of public service telecommunication system. It has connection with different walkie-talkie, telephones, loudspeakers & other intercom devices to get the information from the outside panel. Video Intercom device is the advanced form of simple voice intercom, in video intercom system there is audio visual communication feature by which the person sitting inside the building be able to recognize the visitor or communicate with him & accordingly take the decision whether to permit or not for entrance. The demand of video intercom device is continuously go on increasing as these systems having so many advantages like advanced security video intercom system provides a high level security to any residence, office or any building as it is the communication medium between external door panel and the interior of the building, with the help of which nobody can enter inside the house without owner permission, other advantage of video intercom device is comfort as insider not need to go and respond the doorbell again and again he can directly lock or unlock the door with electrically automated lock assembled in the system by sitting inside the apartment or building. Video intercom device market is one of the growing market in the sector of security and surveillance sector.

Video Intercom Device Market: Dynamics
The key drivers driving the market growth of video intercom device are increment in burglary incidences increases the demand of home monitoring or security from the consumer side along with smart phones proliferation with these systems. On the other side, high installation and maintenance cost are major restraints of video intercom device market.

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Video Intercom Device Market: Segmentation
Segmentation of...