Fmi: Digital Mobile X-Ray Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2015-2025

Digital Mobile X-Ray devices are portable, flexible and all-round movement diagnostic imaging systems intended for imaging of patient’s internal body structures. Digital Mobile X-Ray devices are designed to diagnose various abnormal conditions such as chroniclung diseases, orthopedic surgeries, cardiovascular diseases, cancers etc. by delivering high quality images. It facilitates imaging with easy, fine positioning at the time of point of care testing (POCT), in intensive care units, in operating rooms, etc. Digital Mobile X-Ray devices provide top quality images of all the body parts, especially very tight spaces with 360-degree turns.

Digital Mobile X-Ray Market: Drivers and Restraints

Digital Mobile X-Ray market is growing rapidly due to increasing incidence of chronic lung diseases, skeletal fractures and breast cancers across the globe Major drivers for the Digital Mobile X-Ray market are technological advancements, next generation point of care devices, increasing number of neonatal care units, large number of regulatory approvals for atomization systems and low dose radiation technology based devices that control radiation exposure for patient as well as operator and government investors.However lack of adequate reimbursement policies and stringent regulatory procedures are the major factors that can hamper the Digital Mobile X-Ray market growth over the forecast period.

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Digital Mobile X-Ray Market: Segmentation

The Digital Mobile X-Ray market has been classified on the basis of application, technology, portability, products, end user, model and region.

Based on Application

    Point of care testing (POCT)
    Chest Imaging
    Long length imaging of skeletal system

Based on Technology

    Computed Radiography
    Direct Radiography
    Low dose radiation

Based on Portability

    Portable Systems...