Fmi: Body Worn Temperature Sensors Market Size and Key Trends in Terms of Volume and Value 2015-2025

Body worn temperature sensors monitors the various health aspects such as body temperature, heart rate and pulse rate of new born babies and elderly patients on continuous basis. These temperature sensors are fixed on wearable devices to observe body temperature and other related activities. These body worn temperature sensors provides high security and reliability because of technological advancement and innovation.

Body-Worn Temperature Sensors Market: Drivers and Restraints
Factors which are driving the growth of global body worn temperature sensor market are growing health awareness across all age group, compactness and portability and increasing applications of body worn temperature sensors across various sectors such as medical and healthcare, infotainment, fitness and wellness etc. Despite of having many advantages, global body worn temperature sensor market is facing few challenges such as slow adoption rate and high product cost, which is restraining the growth of body worn temperature sensor market globally.

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Body-Worn Temperature Sensors Market: Segmentation
Global body worn temperature sensor market is segmented on the basis of sensor types, application, patient’s demography and care setting. By type the global body worn temperature sensor market can be segmented as motion sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, image sensors, position sensors and others. Among all this sensor types, motion sensors held largest revenue share of overall market whereas by volume temperature sensors acquire largest market share. By application, global body worn temperature sensor market can be segmented into healthcare and medical, fitness and wellness, infotainment, clinical settings and others. Out of all this applications healthcare and medical applications dominated the market with largest share. It is mainly because of technological advancement into healthcare...