Flowers Therapy – Easiest Ways to Deal with Depression

Flowers symbolize happiness, brightness, fragrance and fresh air. This is one of the safest forms of treatment or therapy with absolutely no side effects, and in fact makes others around feel better too.
All of us have at some point of time or the other experienced the calming and uplifting effect of flowers, whether given or received by us. It gives a pleasant satisfaction to our mind which culminates to our body. The sight of beautiful flowers brings cheer to those around and invigorates them. Flowers play a much deeper role on our psyche, than we can ever fathom, and the various qualities of flowers or their essence can help significantly in dealing with depression.
Rose/Wild rose flower petals or essence should be soaked in water for a bath. It can also be consumed with warm water. This results in a positive feeling; it refreshes the mind and vitalizes the body.
Lavender flowers contain a volatile oil which has a rejuvenating scent.
Amongst the flower remedies depression cure, lavender essence is strongly recommended. Pour 2-3 drops of this essence in your bath or simply add it to aroma lamps. The effects are instant, whereby the muscles get so relaxed that a person may even drift off to sleep.
Borage flower essence inhaled or used while bathing helps a person to move towards positivity. During hot weather, borage flower aids depression treatment as a garnish added to drinks. It makes the mind feel light and thought process becomes clearer.
Gentian Bach flower is another useful remedy for depression. Two-three drops of the essence of this flower can be consumed with lukewarm water daily. It helps reduce the gloominess and melancholy that an individual when in depression.
Mustard flower remedies for depression work wonders for those who are despondent or discouraged.
The essence of Peach flower can be added to drinking water or used whilst bathing or washing your face. Its fragrance has deep-rooted effects aiding metabolism. It increases your energy...