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Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Fob

Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Fob

Blanca del Pilar Greco

University of Phoenix

International Operation Management

Susan Fitch


Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Fob
      The Car’s Innovate Company (CIC) seeks to introduce a new version of an automotive keyless entry fob for our new car version. This new product needs four main parts that comprise the remote: the control chip, the rolling transmitter, the plastic housing and the key ring. In this assignment, I need to buy those parts from suppliers in different countries to obtain the best final product with quality and keeping the cost investment into a regular basis.
      A remote keyless system is designed to remotely permit or deny access to premises or automobiles and can include both a remote keyless entry system (RKE) and a remote keyless ignition system (RKI). The functions of a remote keyless entry system are contained on a key fob (generally decorative and an useful item that many people often carry with their keys, on a ring or a chain, for ease of tactile identification, providing better grip, or to make a personal statement) or built into the ignition key handle itself.
      Buttons are dedicated to locking or unlocking the doors and opening the trunk or unlock /open the rear tailgate (on sport utility and station wagons vehicles). Some cars will also close any open windows and roof when remotely locking the car. Some remote keyless fobs also feature a red panic button which activates the car alarm as a standard feature. Some cars' engines with remote keyless ignition systems can be started by the push of a button on the key fob.
      Remote keyless entry (RKE) has captivated automobile buyers becoming extremely popular, as evidenced by the popularity of RKE on new automobiles and as an after-market item. The installation rate for RKE systems in new vehicles is more than 80% in North America and more than 70% in Europe. European...