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Flowchart - Daily Task
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Flowchart - Daily Task
The purpose of this paper is to develop a flowchart about a daily task performed at my place of employment that I would like to spend less time on. The daily task I chose is our salad receiving process. This process is a very simple but time consuming process and as of yet I have not quite figured out how to save time completing this task.
The following steps are involved in this process:
1. Receive truck/product
2. Verify/count product and ensure it matches the shipping register tally receipt
3. If the amount delivered matches, the product type and quantity is typed into specialized computer program which creates and invoice
4. If everything matches and is correct, the invoice is created and printed
5. Once this process is completed, the amount is recorded in the daily receiving register for end of month inventory purposes and forwarded to the accounting office of the organization
Potential problems that could arise are as follows:
1. The product delivered does not match the shipping register tally receipt which leads to having to email/phone the contractor and double verify before the delivery person leaves again
2. If above problem arises, all products recorded on the shipping register are still processed through the computer but an additional credit memo needs to be created and verified by upper management for the discrepancy
3. Another problem that could arise is incorrect recording of the product in the computer program. This could potentially lead to a very long dragged out process of identifying the error before creating the invoice.
Looking at the overall process of receiving salads and creating the actual invoice I am not able to come up with an actual solution how to save time with this process. The most logical one that comes to my mind is initiated directly from the contracting agency who delivers the product.
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